Friday, February 17, 2017

Grails "Chalice Hymnal"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Post Rock, Psychedelic
Label: Temporary Residence Limited (TRR 279)
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: February 17, 2017
1. Chalice Hymnal (4:22)
2. Pelham (2:48)
3. Empty Chamber (2:32)
4. New Prague (4:50)
5. Deeper Politics (3:48)
6. Tough Guy (3:56)
7. Rebecca (3:47)
8. Deep Snow II (5:47)
9. The Moth & The Flame (4:07)
10. Thorns II (3:59)
11. After The Funeral (10:18)

Total time: 50:14

Emil Amos - drums, guitars, bass, keyboards
Alex John Hall - guitars, mellotron, sampler
Wm Zak Riles - synths, drums, guitar, oud
Ross Gallagher - double bass (7,11)
Niklas Kraft - tenor saxophone (1,7,9)
Dylan Rice-Leary - harmonica (5)
Daniel Fisher-Lochhead - saxophone (11)
Timba Harris - strings (5,11)
Ash Black Bufflo - synths (2)

Similar to their previous LP, Deep Politics, whose listening experience could be described as entering an old mansion and finding each room to be elaborately beautiful and mysterious in completely different ways, Chalice Hymnal finds its strength less in any overarching themes and styles and more as a collection of self-contained and richly-developed worlds. From the more energetic tracks befitting a spy thriller like the pulsing piano of “Pelham” and the James Bond-on-psychedelics of “Deeper Politics” to pure mood setters like “Empty Chamber” and haltingly gorgeous “Rebecca,” each track feels like a small slice of a cinematic soundtrack begging for visuals to match. Upon first listen this can be a bit frustrating as each piece is so wonderfully rendered that you want to hear far more of each theme and world before moving on, but multiple listens allow the listener to form their own connective tissue between tracks and simply sink into deep immersion throughout the album’s duration.
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