Friday, February 10, 2017

Buried Feather "Mind of the Swarm"

Country: Australia
Genre(s): Instrumental Krautrock, Psychedelic
Label: Cobra Snake Necktie Records (Australia)/ Bilocation Records (UK/Europe) - vinyl
Format: vinyl, digital
Release date: February 10, 2017
1. Would I Miss You (3:44)
2. Dust (3:16)
3. The Stranger (5:13)
4. Mind Of The Swarm (4:51)
5. Sunshine (4:20)
6. Endless C (4:15)
7. Regular Creep (5:10)
8. Screen Dreamer (5:31)
9. Well Wishes (5:36)

Total time 41:56

Jim Grimwade - Bass Guitar
Steve McLennan - Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers
Josh Moult - Keyboards & Synthesizers
Callam Routledge - Drums, Percussion & Xylophone
Nick Franklin & Joe Driver - Additional Percussion

With a sound built on fuzzy drone and swirling keyboards, Buried Feather’s live shows have built a loyal following, drawing regular comparisons to the likes of Dead Meadow and Spacemen 3. Mind of the Swarm is a dynamic realisation of Buried Feather’s signature hypnotic sound. Buried Feather cover plenty of territory on the new record, starting out with the off-kilter fuzz-pop of Would I Miss You and the swirling, kosmische trance of first single Dust. Deeper into the record, Endless C’s sunny, doped-up groove brings some light, but there is plenty of shade as well. On the album’s title track, Buried Feather layer menacing riffs over a pulsating rhythm before the song falls away to nothing - only to return with even darker intent.



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