Friday, July 29, 2016

Second Sight "The Unforgiven"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Progressive Hard Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release dateJuly 29, 2016 (digital), August 2016 (CD)
1. The Unforgiven (6:20)
2. Just Friends (4:14)
3. Space Time Odyssey (5:08)
4. Cold Ocean Memories (6:59)
5. Lonely Man Shuffle (2:48)
6. King's Cross (6:16)
7. Seventeen (4:23)
8. Selfish Pride (6:25)
9. Pompeii (5:59)

Total time 48:32

Lee Keeley - lead vocals, keyboards
Don Cright - lead guitar, back-up vocals
Dan Lafleur - bass guitar, vocals
​Jean Lamirande - drums, percussions, vocals

The Unforgiven was inspired by unforgivable situations that people face, starting with the title track based on an old classic western movie from the late 40s, where a retired sheriff avenges the death of his younger brother at the hands of cattle rustlers in a town called “Tombstone”. The other tracks deal with unrequited love, time and space travel, dominance, suicide, the loss of a child, selfish Pride and ending with an act of the Gods to parish the city of Pompeii
Web page (full album streaming)

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