Friday, July 8, 2016

Artist Proof "AP1"

Country: Australia
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: digital
Release date: July 08, 2016
1. Alpha (5:12)
2. New Day (4:27)
3. Viper's Spray (3:25)
4. Fish Tale (4:10)
5. Blind (1:21)
6. Hey (3:10)
7. Haunted Hero (4:49)
8. In The Depths (3:45)
9. In Trutina (2:23)
10. Hear A Voice (4:37)
11. Transformed (4:31)

Total Time 41:50

Chris Pattenden
Drew Schapper
Dan East - guitar
Chris Rourke - bass

The album draws on a wide range of material and contains the rock echoes of early Muse, the glam sensibilities of Queen and Bowie, and the psychedelic aspects of Pink Floyd.
The album is a cinematic piece that reflects the band’s immersive live performance, with each song a journey unto itself. It is awash with rich vocal melodies supported by layers of harmonies, driving rhythms, epic soaring guitar lines, interspersed with interesting and unpredictable chord progressions.
From the sweet and rueful sentiments on ‘New Day’ to the driving mania of ‘Blind’, to the eerie spookiness of ‘Fish Tale’, the album is the realization of the weird and wonderful sound the band has been refining for the last 10 years. (Spill Magazine)


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