Friday, July 15, 2016

King Llama "Return To Ox"

Country:  USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Fusion
Label: TTrain Music
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: July 15, 2016
1. Blobo (4:46)
2. Mighty Ox (7:59)
3. Sensei (5:52)
4. Just The Tip (7:44)
5. Call Me Elmo (5:52)
6. Smoking In Ergenzingen (5:40)
7. Cap'n Mustard Hair (6:42)
8. Hershey Highway (4:18)
9. Stogies N' Juice (7:01)

Total time 55:54

Luis Briones - Drums, Percussion
Ryan Tanner Bailey - Guitar
Nico Staub - Bass, Baritone guitar, Percussion

The group’s debut full-length album, "Return To Ox" is a journey of instrumental compositions with elements of rock, jazz, funk, fusion, and a touch of hip-hop. With imaginative song titles including “Call Me Elmo,”   “Stogies ‘n Juice,” and “Cap’n Mustard Hair,” one can expect a sense of creativity and adventure, which is exactly what the listener gets!

This trio can create a surprisingly fat sound that defies expectations. There are gritty distorted bass tones mixed with classic wah wah guitar leads. There are complicated drum fills, odd meter and poly-rhythmic beats, coupled with dynamic changes of differ-ing moods and styles. The overall sound is highly stimulating to the progressive and open-minded listener.

"Return To Ox" has a very live feel to it, as the band prides itself on its stage performance, and likes capturing that in the studio.  Their live show both delivers the quality that fans expect, and also has an element of spontaneity with surprise guest appearances, and left-leaning repertoire. A strong bond between the band members, both musical and personal, animates their ability to communicate through such elongated and complex compositions.

King Llama is progressive in the natural meaning of the word, "progressive" - favoring change, improvement, and reform.  The sound is a true fusion of genres and an obligation toward challenge.

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