Friday, July 1, 2016

Kaleidobolt "The Zenith Cracks"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Psychedelic, Stoner, Progressive Rock
Label: Pink Tank Records
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: July 1, 2016
1. Off The Cuff (2:22)
2. Murderous Ways (5:55)
3. The Crux (6:03)
4. Inbred (6:02)
5. Helle (1:46)
6. Steal My Thunder (6:21)
7. City Of The Sun (8:50)
8. Spoil (10:06)

Total time 47:25

Sampo Kurki: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Marco Menestrina: bass, B3 Hammond, piano, theremin, vocals
Valtteri Lindholm: drums, maracas

 The Zenith Cracks is a much different sound to their acclaimed S/T debut album. The Zenith Cracks sees the band opt for a more psychedelic and far out sound as the two opening tracks – Off The Cuff and Murderous Ways – open the floodgates to a world of heavy and psychedelic prog/stoner riffs. The vocals are firmly rooted in the classic era of 60s/70s Hard Rock/Psych Rock.
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