Friday, July 15, 2016

Hangar "Stronger Than Ever"

Country: Brazil
Genre(s): Progressive Power Metal
Label: FC Metal
Format: CD
Release date: July 15 , 2016
1. Reality Is A Prison (5:07)
2. The Revenant (4:32)
3. Forest Of Forgotten (5:59)
4. The Hangar Of Hannibal (5:23)
5. Beauty In Disrepair (7:26)
6. We Keep Running The Course (4:02)
7. The Silence Of Innocent (5:18)
8. A Letter From 1997 (MHJ) (7:20)
9. Just Like Heaven (3:46)
10. Just Like Heaven (acoustic Version) (3:46)

Total time 52:39

Pedro Campos - vocals
Eduardo Martinez - guitar
Cristiano Wortmann - guitar
Fabio Laguna - keyboard
Nando Mello - bass
Aquilles Priester (Noturnall, Tony Macalpine, Angra) - drums

Power metal, progressive metal are both decent ways to describe how this album sounds but not exactly like that though. They can hardly be described as a band that reinvents the metal wheel or comes up with something fresh, at least not on this album. They do have a decent vocalist and the production is really strong, they certainly show maturity to their sound.

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Reality Is a Prison
The Hangar of Hannibal
Web page

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