Friday, July 1, 2016

Evership "Evership"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: July 1, 2016 (digital)
1. Silver Light (9:26)
2. A Slow Descent Into Reality  (12:39)
    I: Everyman
    II: A Slow Descent
    III: Wisdom Of The Ages
    IV: Honest With Me
    V: The Battle Within
    VI: Anyman
3. Evermore (10:09)
    A: Eros
    B: Agape
4. Ultima Thule (10:28)
5. Flying Machine (13:44)
    I: Dreamcarriers
    II: Dream Sequence
    III: Lift
6. Approach (1:58)

Total time 58:24

Beau West: Lead Vocals
Shane Atkinson: Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Chapman Stick, Dulcimer, Theremin, Orchestrations, Experimental Guitars
James Atkinson: Acoustic and Lead Guitars
Rob Higginbotham: Acoustic and Classical Guitars and Rhythm Electric Guitars
Jaymi Millard: Bass
Nicelle Priebe: Violin
Mike Priebe: Background Vocals
Brandon Vestal: Electric Guitars (5)
Dan Smalley: Classical Guitars (5)

The multi-part “A Slow Descent Into Reality” takes a somewhat sharp turn from the opening track, which opens with a piano ballad that would easily fit onto Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. But just when you think you know where it’s going, the song quickly dives down an unexpected rabbit hole full of complex arrangements, featuring everything from delicate acoustic guitar passages, to majestic choral arrangements, to a frantic, organ-driven jam section with plenty of odd-time signatures. Perhaps most satisfying, however, is Atkinson’s whirling Mellotron dervish starting at the 9:50 mark, which builds into a haunting King Crimson-style crescendo.
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