Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unconscious Disturbance "Shooting At The Moon"

Country: Brazil
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
Release dateDecember 04, 2014
  1. Camouflage - 4:34
  2. Verdict - 6:27
  3. Flight - 5:08
  4. Regeneration - 8:20
  5. Running Inside - 4:46
  6. Down the Well - 3:10
  7. Hollow - 14:05
  8. Hollow (Edited Version) - 2:04
Kiko Freiberg - guitar, vocals
Daniel Freiberg - drums, vocals
Tim Haggerty - guitar
Danny Dahan - bass

Unconscious Disturbance is a young Brazilian band now living in Brooklyn looking to make their mark playing a brand of aggressive prog metal that is an interesting fusion of intense and highly intricate guitar-based prog rock and modern aggressive metal. The band’s music begins with an aggressive approach that encompasses a large range of metal styles from thrash to death to alternative but with a ton of subtle progressive elements that include jazzy chord work and extended psychedelic jams (especially on the 14-minute album closer Hollow.)  Because of the large stylistic variety going on here, I found myself at first unable to really get a handle on what the band’s musical conception is but then realized it’s best to let the music wash over you and be swept away by it.
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