Friday, December 19, 2014

Glenn Thomson "Memory Babe"

Country: Australia / France
GenreProgressive Rock
Label: Musea
FormatCD, digital
Release dateDecember 19, 2014
  1. Who's Going to Say - 6:20
  2. Wishes of the Earth - 4:31
  3. Walk the Course - 3:50
  4. Common Ground - 4:54
  5. Memory Babe - 6:11
  6. Ties That Bind - 3:53
  7. This Forever More - 4:50
  8. This Way to Eternity - 3:42
  9. Holy Bright - 6:13
  10. Babylon - 3:54
  11. Seasons of the Witch - 6:26
  12. Watching the World Turn - 3:35
Glenn Thomson

Memory Babe richly celebrates the traditions of symphonic rock, folk and jazz fusion. Glenn Thomson has produced a work of rare beauty with a deep and lasting value.
The album opens with "Who's Going To Say", a magnificent long form symphonic journey that combines powerful melodies with a startling fusion of styles, reminding us in part of Pink Floyd, Bowie and the best of sixties, psychedelic folk.
"Wishes Of The Earth" is a memorable anthem with sophisticated lyrics and contrasting, jazz inflected verses leading to an open, driving chorus with a beautifully cinematic sound. "Walk The Course" is Glenn Thomson showing us again how pop and electronica can combine into concentrated, symphonic rock that is bound to win new fans.
In "Common Ground" we have a ballad of delicate beauty resolving into a powerful and original hammond, choral rock out that will leave you inspired and wanting more. The title track, "Memory Babe", is another symphonic masterpiece. The instrumental fuses mediterranean folk with evocative middle eastern flavours, echoing Vangelis and Peter Gabriel, before resolving into an uplifting, high geared, virtuoso rock out, with incredible melodies and driving beats. The piece, a meditation on memory and its power to transport and transcend, concludes with a stunning orchestral coda.
"Holy Bright" is a jazz fusion sensation. The Rhodes solos are some of the most inspired we have heard, leading to a magnificent and elevating conclusion. "Babylon" takes a collaboration with the Welsh born, Paris based artist and poet, Panmelys, to a whole new level. Panmelys is the legendary host of the Sunday afternoon tea parties at the Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris. Featuring an extract from her work, "The Chant", Glenn Thomson has created a progressive pop portrait of language and its power to inspire.


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