Monday, December 15, 2014

Nth Ascension "Ascension of Kings"

Country: UK
LabelSonic Vista Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateDecember 15, 2014 (CD)
  1. Fourth Kingdom - 6:24
  2. Return Of The King - 3:41
  3. Strange Dreams - 7:30
  4. Overture (Clanaan pt 1) - 6:12
  5. Realm With A Soul (Clanaan pt 2) - 3:52
  6. Seventh Rider (Clanaan pt 3) - 4:02
  7. Weight Of The World - 6:44
  8. Vision - 18:43
Martin Walker - Guitars
Gavin Walker - Bass Guitar
Craig Walker - Drums and Percussion
Alan 'Spud' Taylor - Vocals
Darrel Treece Birch - Keyboards

AOK starts with a rocker ‘Fourth Kingdom’ venturing into ‘heavy’ territory but ending with a keyboard section that helps to tie the album together. Treece-Birch has contributed heavily to the writing and along with Martin Walker provides the lions share of the compositions. A satisfying start, but don’t be lulled into false sense of expectation. With ‘Return of the King’ some of the more complex time signatures are presented. It’s no secret that some members of the band moonlight as a Rush tribute and the complexity of those pieces have manifested into strong influences for some of the pieces here. A glorious guitar section closes the third track Strange Dreams.
Ultimately it is the two long pieces that define this album. The Clanaan Chronicles make up the centre section of the album and showcase both the writing and prowess of Treece-Birch. Made up of 3 parts – Overture, Realm With a Soul and Seventh Rider the piece builds with subtle textures and atmospheric eastern influenced passages.
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  1. There´s a solo album by Darrel Treece Birch - No More Time released in 2016