Friday, December 5, 2014

Iris Divine "Karma Sown"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Hard Rock/Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateDecember 5, 2014
  1. The Everlasting Sea 06:17
  2. Fire of the Unknown 05:31
  3. A Suicide Aware 05:22
  4. Mother's Prayer 05:37
  5. Prisms 06:06
  6. In Spirals 06:28
  7. Apathy Rains 05:20
  8. In the Wake of Martyrs 07:58
Navid Rashid - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Dobbs - Bass
Kris Combs - Drums, Keys, Programming

The first song begins with an energized, progressive build upon the drums that melts right into the powerized heaviness of the rest of the track. Navid Rashid's vocals come in strong and vibrant, complimenting the beat perfectly and transcending the song into a chorus that packs a little bit of a power-ballad feel to it before twisting again into the heavy and fading into the ambient. Already you can tell this album is just masterfully mixed and produced, and already I'm wondering how the hell just three guys are responsible for not only creating but producing all the elements I'm hearing. It gets nice and evil after about the 4:30 mark, then it's back again to that awesome hybrid of heaviness and power-balladry that seems familiar yet remains undeniably unique.
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A Suicide Aware

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