Monday, December 8, 2014

Patchwork Cacophony "Patchwork Cacophony"

Country: UK
FormatCD, digital
Release dateDecember 8, 2014
1. Sketch of a Day (16:00)
2. No U-Turn (2:54)
3. Dance of the Fleet-footed Heffalumps (2:46)
4. Brinkmanship (10:57)
5. Nylons for parot (2:16)
- Dawn Light - (28:10)
6. Prelude
7. Change in the Air
8. No Time
9. Reprise
10. We Can't Stay
11. Rest My Feet
12. Scorched Earth
13. Final Sunset
14. Twilight Procession

Ben Bell (Fusion Orchestra 2) - all instruments and vocals

After co-writing, performing on and producing Fusion Orchestra 2's 2013 album "Casting Shadows", keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist Ben Bell turned his creative focus to a longstanding solo project.
Putting his own distinctive stamp on progressive rock, Patchwork Cacophony features a compelling mix of playful and more ambitious instrumentals capped by nine-part concept suite of songs called Dawn Light. Taking the meaning of "solo album" to its fullest interpretation, he wrote, performed and recorded the album over a period of five years without using any other musicians. This unique approach resulted in the album being put on hold several times while he learned to play new instruments destined to feature.
With an emphasis on classic-era prog-rock sounds such as the hammond organ and mellotron and its symphonic leanings, Patchwork Cacophony stakes out its own sonic identity while summoning the spirit of early Genesis, Camel and Yes.

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