Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In The Presence Of Wolves "Thalassas"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Alternative Progressive Rock/Metal
Release dateDecember 2, 2014
  1. Man of the Times 07:50
  2. Storm in a Red Dress 04:18
  3. Hypoxia 07:00
  4. Palladium 08:02
  5. Birdsong 02:58
  6. Thalassas I: The Careless Abandon 05:10
  7. Thalassas II: What Dwells Below (The Portal) 03:41
  8. Thalassas III: Back to the Surface 06:07
Vini Stamato - Bass, Vocals
Chris Capitanio - Guitar, Vocals
Justin Alexander - Guitar, Vocals
Mason Ingling - Drums, Vocals
Geoff Langley (The Twenty Committee) - Keyboards and synth

“Man of the Times” enters with strong, syncopated hits, channeling Porcupine Tree/Stephen Wilson for this start-and-stop introduction.  The band collectively provide strong vocal harmonies behind Vini’s ragged singing.  I particularly love the closely partnered roles Justin and Chris play throughout this track: jamming in thick, power-metal unison, and ascending together in riffs that are both harmonic and dissonant.  The fact that the band employs two guitarists isn’t simply an attempt to “beef up” their sound: both axes are part of ITPOW’s sum total arsenal, and are used throughout Thalassas to maximum effectiveness.  “Man of the Times” moves through a veritable metronome of meter changes and time signatures – variations of 6/8, 5/4, 7/8, and the occasional 4/4 throughout its 7:51-minute duration.  Chris’ solo at the conclusion is as polished, intense, and succinct as any veteran’s.
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