Saturday, October 19, 2013

Three Monks "The Legend Of The Holy Circle"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelBlack Widow Records
Release date: October, 2013
01 The Holy Circle 7:48
02 Int Mystery 5:58
03 The Battle of Marduk 4:48
04 The Rest of the Sacred Swarm 9:53
05 Rieger 5:09
06 The Strife of Souls 10:01
07 Toccata Neogotica n5 9:43

Paolo “Julius” Lazzeri: Neogothic organ & synthetizers
Maurizio “Bozorius” Bozzi: Electric bass
Claudio “Ursinius” Cuseri: Drums on tracks 1-2-5
Roberto “Placidus” Bichi: Drums on tracks 3-6-7

A singular and rare neogothic concept album combining the sound of a grand pipe organ with the typical progressive rhythm section: “The Legend of the Holy Circle” is the second concept album from the italian band Three Monks after their debut album “Neogothic Progressive Toccatas” published in 2011. The project is centered around the incredible pipe organ playing of Paolo Lazzeri supported by a thundering bass/drums rhythm sections and little else. This album is a church organ purist's dream. The various tracks are inspired by baroque composers and stories of cathedrals and their huge, historic pipe organs.. The music is incredibly heavy, vast, formal, and tinged with centuries of age. You feel as if you are walking into one of those centuries old European cathedrals and hearing the bombast of the ancient organ, yet it is swirled into often dizzying progressive rock pieces.
It is right compared to the bombast of EL&P, Areknames, Jacula, Van Der Graaf Generator and Il Balletto di Bronzo, but with 100% pipe organ rather than varying kinds of keys or synths, vocals, or guitar. Most of the music is in the heavy vein with eccentric and baroque aesthetics.


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