Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Drop Electric "Waking Up to the Fire"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePost Rock, Ambient, Electronica
LabelLefse Records
Release dateOctober 22, 2013
1. Other Planets (3:46)
2. Waking Up to the Fire (3:00)
3. Blue Dream (4:28)
4. Wack Rapper Meets Defeat (1:28)
5. Higgs Boson (4:45)
6. The Coming Storm (0:49)
7. Carl Pagan (4:48)
8. Starfox (3:22)
9. Lucille (3:43)
10. Stack Overflow (1:49)
11. Among Dying Dreams (5:28)

Ramtin Arablouei - Drums
Navid Marvi - Bass and Guitar
Neel Singh - Guitar
Sho Fujiwara - Keyboards and Guitar
Kristina Reznikov - Guitar, Keys, Vocals

For LP numero dos, which goes by the name Waking Up To The Fire, the quintet have dialled back the sonic expanses. While they still utilise post-rock's most treasured hallmark, the crescendo-centred structure, this isn't representative of that genre. Or any genre, really. It's a patchwork record, compiled with scraps of electronica, frayed sections of pop, a sliver of rock and parts of shoegaze. There's nu-goth shadows and kwes.-ian samples, it's got soulful veins pumping scarlet trance. It all sounds so achingly familiar yet entirely fresh.
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