Friday, October 25, 2013

Helium Horse Fly "Helium Horse Fly"

Country: Belgium
Sub GenreArt Rock, Experimental, Avant Prog, Psychedelic
Release dateOctober 25, 2013
1. Surgery Plains 03:45
2. Titanium Tea 06:29
3. The Fifth Season 08:03
4. Firelink Shrine 08:41
5. Lamento of a Dinosaur 03:54
6. Adrift 10:34
7. ... 00:55
8. Breaches 10:43

Marie Billy - vocals
Stéphane Dupont - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dimitri Iannello - bass, clarinet
Bastien Dupont - drums

Now here is a mysterious and magical band who craft sounds that are often surreal and other times simply out of this world. Helium Horse Fly don't follow any typical set of rules, and instead craft something which is magic, powerful and triumphant. Their music is often esoteric and filled with abstract noises, something that is hard to get into but also strangely beautiful. I for one really dig the sounds found throughout Helium Horse Fly yet the experimental nature of the music might make it difficult for the casual listener to get really engaged into this disc. 
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