Monday, October 21, 2013

Castaway "Choices & Patterns"

Country: Slovakia
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Label: Self-released
Release dateOctober 21, 2013
1. Virgin Soil... 82 Billion Traces Lost
2. The Heaviest Burden
3. Counting the Stones
4. Seduction C(o)urse
5. Distorted Perfection
6. Awakening the Aimless / Ritual Dance
7. Until the Summer's Gone
8. In Statu Viae
9. Choices
10. Patterns

Peter „Petruccio“ Bulík – guitars, sounds
Jozef „Yogi“ Graus – bass
Matúš Hanus – guitars
Janko „Hraško“ Kovár – drums
Andrej Kutiš – keyboards, sounds, vocals
Mayo Petranin – lead vocals

The new album shows the gradual approaching of the band towards the classical prog rock roots and is also influenced by the presence of various guests and non traditional instruments on the record. Musical inspirations are very wide but the long distance aim of the band is to make a special blend and create a unique sound that couldn’t be easily compared to other, bigger names. 


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