Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dreams In The Witch House "Dreams In The Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Hard Rock, Rock opera
Release dateOctober 12, 2013
  1. The Confession / Arkham Overture - 4:22
  2. Dreams in the Witch House - 4:27
  3. Higher Fire: Breaking Me Down - 3:52
  4. Bridge to the Stars - 5:06
  5. The Nightmare - 4:01
  6. No Turning Back - 3:15
  7. Signum Crucis  - 3:35
  8. Nothing I Can Do  - 5:04
  9. Legends and Lore - 3:10
  10. The Sleepwalker - 1:27
  11. Blessed Are the Faithful - 4:00
  12. Crawling Chaos - 3:24
  13. Azathoth - 3:25
  14. The Sacrifice / No Turning Back (Reprise) - 6:24
  15. Between Reality and Dreaming - 4:23
  16. Madness Is My Destiny (Epilogue) - 5:35
Chris Laney - guitar, vocals as Brown Jenkin
Lennart Östlund - guitar
Anders Ringman - guitar and keyboards, vocals as Landlord Dombrowski
Johan Koleberg - drums
Nalle Pahlsson - bass
Conny Laxell - percussion, choirs
Jody Ashworth (Trans-Siberian Orchestra): vocals as The Crawling Chaos
Alaine Kashian: vocals as Keziah Mason
Stuart Ambrose: vocals as Joe Mazurewicz
Seth Ayott: vocals as Mister Desrochers
Sean Branney: vocals as Father Iwanicki
Mike Dalager:  vocals as Walter Gilman
Andrew Leman: vocals as Frank Elwood
Jesse Merlin: vocals as Professor Upham
Ray Rochelle: vocals as Judge Hathorne
Soma Allpass: cello on “Nothing I Can Do” and “The Sleepwalker”    
Daniel Arévalo: additional drums on “Madness is my Destiny”
Masato Baba: shinobue on “No Turning Back”, “Nothing I Can Do” and “Legends and Lore”
Patrik Bonnet: oud on “Blessed are the Faithful”
Bruce Kulick (Kiss): guitar on “Signum Crucis” and “Nothing I Can Do”
Ulf Larsson: Grand piano on “Legends and Lore”, choirs
Douglas Blair Lucek (W.A.S.P.): guitar on “The Nightmare” and “Between Reality and Dreaming”
Peer Stappe: drums on “No Turning Back”, “Blessed are the Faithful” and “The Sacrifice”
Lisa McClennahan: choirs & cultists
Marc Thomas: choirs & cultists
Liny Wood: choirs & cultists
Mike Brown: choirs & cultists

The music itself is just fantastic. It is said to be a mix of symphonic heavy metal with cosmic horror and radio theater. That sounds about right. The music is riffy and rocking, but there are flutes and other non-standard instruments that make appearances. So, then, this album is fairly proggy and eclectic, too. The music is played expertly and pointedly. It doesn't mess around, as it has a story to tell. Yet, the overall structures of the album and some individual tracks are non-standard and exploratory.
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Web page (several tracks online)

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