Friday, October 25, 2013

Mad Fellaz "Mad Fellaz"

Country: Italy
Sub Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock
Release date: October 25, 2013
  1. Il Colpevole parte 1 - 16:27
  2. Il Colpevole parte 2 - 18:27
  3. Banda Scavejoni - 3:17
  4. White Widow - 5:50
  5. La Giungla - 14:32
Paolo Busatto - guitars
Emanuele Pasin - guitars
Marco Busatto - drums
Carlo Passuello - bass
Enrico Brunelli - keyboards
Rudy Zilio - flute, clarinet, synth

The band's open minded vision allows it to experiment with different genres and to combine to its style also flamenco, funky and heavy metal. The main target is not to put limits on the creative flow and not to focus on a particular genre making use of all the knowledge in order to create music which can emotionally involve with natural expression.
Mad fellaz's dèbut album (totally instrumental) is composed of 5 tracks: Il colpevole (part one and two) is a long suite in which the band displays its style and 70's influences. Dynamics and rhythms change frequently and go often onto a typically hard rock riffs; in this suite there are also smoothly rhythmed and calm passages on which enfatic solos stand. Banda Scavejoni breaks the general rhythm of the album, it' s a 70's cop movie style song , energic, short timed and very fast. White Widow is an experimental blues-jazz influenced song, it has a hard groove and it's filled with 70's organ and characteristic flute sounds. La giungla with its esotic sound is a very particular song which is a bit unrelated from the others, however, it stands very well in the album's main theme and also as closure track.
Banda Scavejoni
La Giungla


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