Saturday, October 19, 2013

Magion "A Different Shade of Darkness"

Country: Netherlands
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release dateOctober 19, 2013
  1. Beloved Enemies - 6:05
  2. Masquerade - 6:15
  3. Ever and a Day - 4:52
  4. Shallow Grounds - 6:37
  5. Out of Time - 7:01
  6. Chance to Change - 6:47
  7. Break the Silence - 8:01
  8. Untrue - 7:03
  9. Body's Betrayal - 7:05
  10. Neverending Winter - 4:46

Myrthe van Beest - Vocals
Chris Vrij - Guitars
Arjen van der Toorn - Guitars
Menno Bruggeling - Bass
Joop de Rooij - Keyboards
David de Waal - Drums

Hailing from The Netherlands, Magion fronted by the voice of an angel Myrthe van Beest, bring you their second album, containing 10 epic tracks of sheer Symphonic Metal bliss. And 'Beloved Enemies' is a monumental way to kick off such a fine album - a very gradoise start and I love it. And before you can catch your breath, second up 'Masquerade' powers it's way out of the speakers with some awesome growls from Chris Vrij..the guitarist, composer and producer - a talented guy obviously. 'Ever And A Day' is powerful, a little folky and reminds me of Leaves' Eyes to some extent, as to some of the other numbers presented here. 'Shallow Grounds' is another epic Symphonic masterpiece, while 'Out Of Time' is a collosal number, simply a master stroke in Power Balladry - one of my faves from the album. And if the first five tracks of the album leaves you breathless, then the second five will too. 'Chance To Change' and 'Break The Silence' being two such songs that really push this band into the Premier League, while 'Untrue' shows no let up, Symphonic Power Metal from the top drawer. The closing duo of 'Body's Betrayal', another epic atmospheric power ballad and the powerful and bombastic 'Neverending Winter', end what is a very good album from this Dutch band. And I think there are some people that will be having some severe cashflow problems, as I have been receiving some very good cds of late. Anyway, the record offers a dark and bombastic sound, top-notch performances, massive production and breathtaking artwork, that in turn should impress any true fan of powerful, melodic music. (ravenheartmusic.com)


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