Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cave "Threace"

Country: USA
Sub GenrePsychedelic
LabelDrag City Records
Release date: October 15, 2013
01. Sweaty Fingers - 11:52
02. Silver Headband - 08:52
03. Arrow's Myth - 08:47
04. Shikaakwa - 05:02
05. Slow Bern - 07:13

Jeremy Freeze (guitar)
Cooper Crain (guitar, organ)
Dan Browning (bass)
Rex McMurry (drums)

On theithreacer second major-label release, Chicago drone/minimalist psych trio continue to carve out a no-gimmicks name for themselves as serious rock musicians working in a repetitive minimalist palette. As far as style goes, they fall onto the opposite side of the experimental spectrum: Instead of unabashed excess and navel-gazing, their playing is unabashedly repetitive and anthemic.
Read the full review by Jack Daniel Betz at freepresshouston.com


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