Monday, June 5, 2017

Bandolirium "Bandolirium"

Country: Argentina
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Metal, Tango
Format: digital
Release date: June 5, 2017
1. Impulso (3:59)
2. ES3 (3:49)
3. La Milonga Del Demonio Pt. 1 (4:09)
4. La Milonga Del Demonio Pt. 2 (4:41)
5. Sombras (5:27)
6. Auto Sabotage (3:29)
7. Falso Dilema (4:12)
8. Liberación (8:09)

Total Time 37:55

Amijai Shalev - Bandoneon
Marcos de Cristobal - Guitars
Matias Brandauer - Bass
Marcos Edwards - Drums

Astor Piazzolla is ... an Argentine tango composer and a bandoneon player, who revolutionised the genre by incorporating different elements including jazz and classical music. Now, I believe that everyone knows who Dream Theater is? That’s what I thought.
Aptly named, Bandolirium is a project ... for an unique mixture of the two mentioned music styles. The self-titled debut album was recently released, and it brings eight instrumental songs that also incorporate influences from jazz fusion, experimental rock and a bit of classical music.
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