Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Euphoria Station "One Heart"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: June 28, 2017
1. Golden Threads (5:33)
2. Once And Forever (4:22)
3. Waiting For The Moon (4:36)
4. One Heart (7:03)
5. Dream With Me (3:54)
6. Unforgiving (5:09)
7. Hideaway (4:38)
8. Not Today (3:57)
9. Small Town (6:08)

Total Time 45:20

Saskia Binder - vocals
Hoyt Binder - guitars
Chris Quirarte - drums
Paulo Gustavo - bass
Mike Farrell - keyboards
Bobby Albright - drums/ percussion
Ronald Van Deurzen - keyboards
Trevor Lloyd - violin

Euphoria Station was formed by vocalist/ lyricist Saskia Binder and guitarist/songwriter Hoyt Binder who share a passion for progressive music with commercial hooks. Saskia brings a powerhouse voice that recalls a time when radio was king while still sounding fresh. Hoyt equally brings a hard rock edge that nods to progressive guitar heroes of yesteryear while maintaining a modern feel.
Their debut album One Heart contains a sound written boldly around the voice of Saskia whose soaring melodies are at the center of each song. With a musical mix of everything under the sun from pop, rock, jazz and classical, Saskia's voice helps to ground the songs with lyrics about past experiences, the beauty and pain of love and an insatiable passion for life.
Whether you like catchy choruses or exciting instrumentals, One Heart will captivate you with heart, dreams and euphoria as you travel through passages, roads and stations.

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