Friday, June 16, 2017

Inventions "Meta"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): Symphonic/Progressive/Post Rock, Pop
Label: FREIA Music (THOR41)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: June 16, 2017
1. Meta
2. One And The Same
3. The Turing test
4. Into The Light
5. Spaceship Earth
6. Touch Of Rain
7. Oceania
8. The Dream Sequence
9. One Small Step
10. A Place Where We Belong
11. The Space Between
    Bonus tracks:
12. Monochrome
13. The Space Between (Alternative version)
14. Touch Of Rain (Alternative version)
15. Spaceship Earth (Alternative version)

Christiaan Bruin (The Black Codex, Sky Architect, Mayra Orchestra, Nine Stones Close)

‘Inventions’ is a series of songs and videos by Christiaan Bruin exploring the creative process of composing music and writing lyrics. While the videos are about the creative process of making music, the music exists somewhere between symphonic dream-pop, progressive (post-)rock and minimal music.
In this series, interesting ideas in art, mathematics, philosophy and music history are explored, to see how they can be applied in making music. ‘Meta’ is the first physical release containing all 11 songs from series 1 (Autumn 2016) plus 4 additional mixes on CD.
Into The Light
The Turing Test (Live Acoustic) 

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