Wednesday, June 14, 2017

GAUNG "Opus Contra Naturam"

Country: Indonesia
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Post Rock/Metal, Stoner
Label: Orange Cliff Records
Format: CD, cassette, digital, vinyl
Release date: June 14, 2017
1. Lucinae (4:06)
2. Eridanus Supervoid (4:45)
3. Hole Of Paradiso (4:54)
4. Killing With Virtue (4:18)
5. Old Masters: A Comedy (4:49)
6. Summa Injuria (5:54)
7. Opus Contra Naturam (4:28)
8. Kanon (7:59)
9. Evidence Of Extraordinary Bliss (15:06)

Total Time 56:19

Ramaputratantra - guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, cello, various instruments
Rendy Pandita - drums, vocal, synthesizer

A genuinely excellent, majestic and cohesive instrumental rock album, Opus Contra Naturam is marked primarily by a high level of audacious experimentalism, inconspicuous unpredictable harmonies, flirtatious, but very discreet nuances with noise music, expressively long melodies aspiring to seventies psychedelic rock, and a coherent layer that ties together all of their deeply insurgent and divergent sonorous features, although sometimes they do follow on more ordinary post rock traits, despite a constant presence of heavy elements more reminiscent of traditional rock’n’roll.
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