Thursday, June 15, 2017

Gentle Knife "Clock Unwound"

Country: Norway
Genre(s)Progressive Rock

FormatCD, digital
Release date: June 15, 2017
1. Prelude: Incipit
2. The Clock Unwound
3. Fade Away
4. Smother
5. Plans Askew
6. Resignation

Astraea Antal - flute, winds and visuals
Pål Bjørseth - keyboards, vocals, trumpet
Odd Grønvold - basses
Thomas Hylland Eriksen - sax and woodwinds
Veronika Hørven Jensen - vocals
Håkon Kavli - vocals, guitars
Eivind Lorentzen - guitars and synths
Charlotte Valstad Nielsen - sax
Ove Christian Owe - guitars
Ole Martin Svendsen - drums, percussion
Brian M. Talgo - samples, vocals

GENTLE KNIFE is a Norwegian progressive rock ensemble featuring eleven members. With male and female vocalists, multiple guitarists, keys, synths, mellotron, woodwinds and more, their signature sound dips deeply into classic 70s prog rock, with a modern take on the genre. The relentless passage of time is the main theme of the 2nd album, CLOCK UNWOUND, which delves into lives overshadowed by longing and disappointment. Plans go askew, lovers betray and dreams fade. Yet, as a sense of resignation descends upon a dystopic inner landscape, moments of beauty remain. Songs are epic in format, and play across a broad spectrum of emotions. (justforkicks.de)


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