Friday, June 16, 2017

Quarto Vuoto "Illusioni"

Country: Italy  
Genre(s): Instrumental Atmospheric Progressive Rock
Label: Lizard Records (LIZARD CD 0129)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: June 16, 2017
1. Nei Colori Del Silenzio (5:31)
2. Coscienza Sopita (6:50)
3. Impasse (11:31)
4. Apofis (11:03)
5. Due°Io (9:15)
6. Tornerò (4:57)

Total Time 49:07

Edoardo Ceron - Bass
Nicola D'Amico - Drums
Mattia Scomparin - Keyboards
Luca Volonnino - Guitar
Giulio Dalla Mora - Tenor Sax (3, 4)
Mauro Spinazzè - Violin (6)

"Illusions" is a return that proves the maturity test for the young band of Treviso: a concept in six long acts, intended and conceived on totally instrumental paths, rich of neo-prog atmospheres, close to Kscope area. Great pathos in prog-psychedelic colors, imaginative modern-prog witjh space-fusion reverberations: introduced by the sweet, introspective lightness of "Nei Colori  del Silenzio" between keyboards and small guitar arpeggios, they take on progressions of particular intensity with "Coscienza Sopita", "Impasse" (rhythmic and dreamy at the same time), " Apofis ", "Due Io". A special mention deserves the eleven minutes of "Apofis" from the arremal attack, full of variations, from the jazz mood of the sax of Giulio Dalla Mora to the intimistic piano suspension. Everything gets tired with the concise melody of "Tornerò", exalted by the violin of the guest Mauro Spinazzè. "Illusions" particularly reveals a convincing interplay, the empathy between Nicola D'Amico's technical and compelling drumming, Edoardo Ceron's bass textures, the never-overstanding colors and depth of Mattia Scomparin's keyboards and the imaginative guitar work by Luca Volonnino, always outlined in past and modern times. Precious interplay that becomes lyrical and visionary expression.
Nei Colori del Silenzio

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