Monday, November 18, 2013

The Rebel Wheel "Whore's Breakfast"

Country: Canada
Sub GenreJazz-Rock, Fusion
Release date: November 18, 2013
  1. The Dream of Stones - 04:38
  2. Five and Dime - 03:21
  3. Cholera - 06:42
  4. Cousin Rachel - 01:02
  5. Insecticide Part One - 04:02
  6. Satori in Bayshore - 05:45
  7. Insecticide Part Two - 06:01
  8. Watching Kathy Dance - 00:52
  9. The Reward of Sisyphus - 04:06
  10. Whore's Breakfast P2 - 04:24
David Campbell: bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals, drums and drum programming

Whore's Breakfast is a concept album, a seedy gritty city album, an album about love, excess, obsessions and substance abuse, an album about coffee and cigarettes and self-destructive denizens of the outer fringes of the art scene and the drug world. It is a very personal reflection and confessional of a long-time substance abuser.
Based around the core sound of guitar bass and drums Whore's Breakfast takes a decidedly punk attitude towards prog and jazz. The sound is relentless but is tempered with the softer contrasts of five-part vocal harmonies, chord solo jazz guitar pieces and a myriad of keyboard textures, all of which serve to create dramatic contrasts and some moments of peaceful illuminated clarity against the otherwise sweaty frenetic head-trip.

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