Friday, November 22, 2013

Mindslave "Secular Indulgence"

Country: Argentina
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release date: Novemver 2013
  1. Walk The Wire (7:05)
  2. The Darkest Love (5:05)
  3. To Strive For Grace (0:40)
  4. The Best I Can (4:48)
  5. In The Deepest Regret (7:40)
  6. Synergy (12:56)
  7. Restless (9:18)
Sebastian Fiore - guitar and vocals
Marcelo Moglie - bass
Emmanuel Castañeira - drums
Rodrigo Tavera - keyboards

The opening track, Walk the Wire, embodies everything that this album has to offer. The opening verse and riff lies somewhere between Dream Theater and Savatage. The lovely piano-led chorus has a refrain that is repeated throughout. About halfway we break off for a very proggy instrumental section where the guitars and keys interplay upon their interplay. The song builds and builds around its central melody like an artist layering oil upon oil on the canvas. This is the sort of Heavy Prog / Prog Metal-lite that I really enjoy.
We change groove for the second song. The Darkest Love uses a funky riff which reminds me of fellow countrymen Sacrum. However the piano and acoustic guitar take over for the verse. This song is a great showcase for the wonderful drumming of Emmanuel Castañeira. It reminds me a lot of the contribution Mark Zonder always made with Fates Warning, adding textures and groove, far more than simply driving the rhythm. It is also the song where you notice the soul and depth to Fiore's vocals. On this album he sticks to a rich mid range. Where he does stretch to an upper register, he manages to sound comfortable.
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Walk The Wire / In The Deepest Regret

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