Friday, November 22, 2013

Light Trio "Giallo Italiano"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreJazz-Rock
LabelElectromantic Music
Release date: November 22, 2013
  1. Orange suite 5:59
  2. Leo 5 Et 6 4:08
  3. Tarantè 5:12
  4. As 5:20
  5. James on the armchair 4:33
  6. Chorando 5:39
  7. Cancao de Manha 5:31
  8. Giallo Italiano 5:53
  9. The autumn samba 7:25
  10. Midnight walk 5:02
  11. Blue And green 4:49
  12. Voyage 4:21
Enrico Cresci : Guitars
Marcello Sirignano : Violin, mandolin
Daniel Basirico : Bass, cello

In Turin starting with Arti & Mestieri, from the beginning of the 70's a real interchange of musicians from the areas of jazz and rock has been going on, so that it became a style, a distinctive feature of Turin, defined by critics as "jazz rock school of Turin" and from there came the idea of "Turin Jazz Rock School", or tjrs, a label that brings together more artistic musicians in this common direction.
The CD "Giallo Italiano" is the synthesis of seven years of the Light Trio. The training offers a repertoire of diverse origins, filtered by a slight sound, but of great emotional intensity. An eclectic music, intimate, but with "orchestral" and great rhythmic intensity that enhances the melodic composition that makes this album particularly "Italian".
Songs of Light Trio  pay homage to the language of jazz and Brazilian music, which often recur in the story and the music in the form of songs. Along with these primary influences, traces of ties with all the finest and authentic musical expression of the contemporary age are found, along with the echo of the common classical training.

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