Friday, November 15, 2013

Obscure Sphinx "Void Mother"

Country: Poland
Sub GenrePost Metal/Rock, Sludge, Doom
Release dateNovember 15, 2013
  1. Lunar Caustic 07:51
  2. Velorio 02:38
  3. Waiting For The Bodies Down The River Floating 11:11
  4. Feverish 07:34
  5. Nasciturus 09:31
  6. Meredith 02:29
  7. Decimation 07:10
  8. Void 03:37
  9. The Presence Of Goddess 15:32
Zofia "Wielebna" Fraś (vocals, samples)
Tomasz "Yony" Jońca (guitars)
Aleksander "Olo" Łukomski (guitars)
Michał "blady" Rejman (bass)
Mateusz "Werbel" Badacz (drums)

... this is a post-metal album with a strong identity and arguably one of the most original sounds the genre has spawned in recent years. You'll find expected trademarks of said genre here; it's climactic, it's contrasting between its moments of extremes and moments of deceptive tranquillity and it bursts with a sickening and thickening stream of sludge. Take, as an exemplary example, the track "Waiting For The Bodies Down The River Floating"; gradually the rotten remains of the sludge horrifically work their way to the surface to float atop the mix, flowing down an atmospheric river of post-metal. Imagine a less dense, more cavernous variant of the style pioneered by Neurosis.
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