Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jackal "Castle in the Air"

Country: New Zealand
Sub GenreAlternative, Progressive Rock, Funk
LabelPowertool Records
Release dateNovember 13, 2013
  1. Out Like A Light 02:55
  2. At The First Turn 06:12
  3. After The Ambulance 04:11
  4. Big Top 07:58
  5. Hog-Tied 03:06
  6. Treehugger 06:15
  7. Below 05:30
  8. Was Dreaming 04:22
Theo McGrath   – Vocals & Guitar
Will McGrath – Guitar
Alec Cummins – Bass & Vocals
Hayden Keach – Drums

Jackal aren’t a band to sit quietly in the corner and colour between the lines. There are elements of Funk, Alternative Rock and a whole lot of Progression.
Where Only Everything felt like an experiment in different styles and a search for direction, I recall Red Hot Chili Peppers moments and Pantera/Led Zepp times. It was a pick ‘n mix of sound.
Castle in the Air is a more mature record that mixes the loud bits and the quiet moments instead of polarising them.  It feels like Jackal have found their way.
The first four songs, which would be Side One of the vinyl, remind me of the last time vinyl was cool. Back when bands put out albums that weren’t so much a collection of songs as they were a sixty minute jam session.
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