Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hoyt Binder "Prayrie Go Round"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Instrumental,  Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Release dateNovember 6, 2013
  1. This Is Why 7:02
  2. Hip to Believin' 5:33
  3. I Found You  6:29
  4. Missing Donnie 6:22
  5. Trip Over 6:17
  6. Insecure 6:10
  7. Numb Goodbye 6:56
  8. Leap of Faith 6:27
  9. You'd Better Catch Me  6:44
  10. Prayrie Go Round 7:01
Hoyt Binder (Primitive Overflow) - guitars
Toss Panos - drums
Trevor Lloyd - violin
Paulo Gustavo - bass

Prayrie Go Round consists of ten tracks that explore the boundaries of contemporary jazz fusion accelerating each band member to new heights. Together, the band seamlessly weaves in and out of complex key changes, odd time signatures, and improvisation all the while maintaining an organic musical journey that captures its audience. Throughout the album, the listener experiences a cathartic journey with the same challenges, joy, conflict, and sorrow as the band does when performing each composition. Each song is a story that both the
artist and audience are participating in, with no barriers in-between. Toss Panos truly shines on this album; not only does he standout in his featured drum solos on tracks such as "Hip To Believin'" and the title track, "Prayrie Go Round," but in his ability to create momentum
and tell a beautiful story through the course of each track, yet still maintaining his penchant for polyrhythms and all things odd. Paulo Gustavo, a master of all styles, shows finesse whether he's taking a solo in "Missing Donnie" or playing fretless on the single, "Leap of Faith. " Trevor Lloyd contributes unique textures on tracks such as "Numb Goodbye" and deeply felt solos throughout the album. From the Panamanian Wounaan Tribe's creation story narrated in "This Is Why" to finding that one-in-a-million person in "I Found You," to the fervent prayer in the title track, "Prayrie Go Round," Binder drives home the album with an insatiable and constant reach for faith, love and meaning. 
I Found You
Leap of Faith

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