Monday, May 25, 2015

Town Portal "The Occident"

Country: Denmark
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Math Rock
LabelSubsuburban Recording Company, Small Pond Records
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release dateMay 25, 2015
  1. Bonus Trigger 03:07
  2. Eschaton 05:23
  3. Deep Error 01:06
  4. K. 06:07
  5. Yes Golem 05:20
  6. Dream Bureau 03:29
  7. Moon Treaty 02:37
  8. World Core and Peripheral Islands 05:14
Malik Breuer Bistrup: Drums
Christian Henrik Ankerstjerne: Guitar
Morten Ogstrup Nielsen: Bass

The Occident is an eight track course, and names like ‘Eschaton’ (the end of the Divine world) and ‘K.’ (the ill-fated protagonist of Franz Kafka’s The Trial) bear some suggestion as to the unsettling territory Town Portal have intended to musically charter. The consistent balance between harmony and disharmony, a recurrent motif across their ouevre, is ever present here. In ‘Dream Bureau’ and ‘Moon Treaty’ tranquil major chord melodies quickly turn sour and sombre. In ‘World Core And Peripheral Islands’, sweeping guitar phrases are counterbalanced with deep, brooding bass lines. This delectably sweet but fiercely spicy taste on the tongue forms an essential corpuscle of Town Portal’s anatomy, one that has undergone little variation after three albums but has still held them afloat. As musicians Town Portal have, by and large, never compromised this distinct sound with excessive virtuosity or lavish digital effects but, rather, relied on the potency of the melodies and counter-melodies to narrate the stories they wish to tell.
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