Friday, May 29, 2015

Starquake "Times That Matter"

Country: Germany
Genre(s)Hard Rock, Progressive Rock
LabelPure Rock Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateMay 29, 2015
01. Scenes From A Revolution 8:08
02. Close Encounter 6:27
03. I'm Goin' Mad (You Comin) 3:32
04. Rise And Fall 21:02
05. Here I Go Again 4:34
06. The Needle Lies 3:41
07. Times That Matter 4:10
08. Goodbye My Friend 5:04
09. No More Hate 4:36
10. Whatever 3:23
11. Fairytale 8:30

Mikey Wenzel – Vocals, Instruments, Programming
Alex Kugler – Guitars
Jan "Donkey" van Meerendonk – Drums
Andi Pernpeintner – Hammond
Joe Wagner – Guitars
Michael "Wopsi" Wopshall – Guitars
Corinna Reif – Violin
Sandra Wenzel - Additional Vocals

Musically, Wenzel seems forty years removed from history. Or, better, a guy jumping back and forth in time between 1975 and 1985. His music is the particular mixture of classic early Eighties metal, even NWoBHM, and mid Seventies melodic and progressive hard rock, complete with Hammon organ. Actually, that latter element is one of the first things you might notice. There's lots of additional keyboards and loads of great guitar solos, all wrapped up in expansive arrangements that drop Starquake into the progressive rock camp. Times That Matter is also a very long recording. At 73 minutes, it's a lot to work through, with the centerpiece being the mini rock opera, Rise And Fall, at 21 minutes. The album could have been easily trimmed by several songs and 20 minutes or more without compromise.
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Here I go again
Scenes from a Revolution

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