Monday, May 25, 2015

Breznev Fub Club "Il Misantropo Felice"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Avant-Prog, Canterbury, Chamber
FormatCD, digital
Release dateMay 25, 2015
  1. Il misantropo felice I - A window closes - 03:33
  2. Il misantropo felice II - Putamen - 07:25
  3. Il misantropo felice III - Beginners dance lessons - 03:23
  4. Il misantropo felice IV - Petit déjeuner chez Picabi - 05:50
  5. Il misantropo felice V - Sperduto nella camera isterica - 08:11
  6. Il misantropo felice VI - Le furieux hypothétique - 03:50
  7. Il misantropo felice VII - Tzig Tzag Tzara - 05:50
  8. Il misantropo felice VIII - After the last silence - 11:43
Antonio Dambra - flute, piccolo
Francesco Lorenza - oboe, english horn
Francesco Manfredi - clarinet
Michele Motola - alto saxphone
Gianfranco Menzella - tenor and baritone saxophone
Riccardo Rinaldi - bassppn
Vito Vernì - french horn
Francesco Panico - trumpet
Francesco Tritto - trombone
Alessio Anzivino - tuba
Giuliana Di Mitrio - mezzo-soprano
Michele Fracchiolla - drums, vibraphone, marimba, percussions
Simona Armenise - classic, acoustic, electric guitars, mandolin
Rocco Lomonaco - classic, acoustic, electric guitars, banjio
Tommaso De Vito Francesco - electric bass, double bass
Giuseppe Manfredi - keyboards
Duilio Maci - violin
Grazia De Vito Francesco - violin
Paola De Candia - cello

“Il misantropo felice” is the second and long awaited release by “Breznev Fun Club”. The creative process of the project, conceived and directed by Rocco Lomonaco from Lucania, carries on and evolves. It’s a widened ensemble, a small rock-orchestra that leads us along a path made of complex atmospheres, sometimes dreamy or melancholic…a set of colors and sensations that make of BFC something unique.
Strongly recommended for who loves the Canterbury sound, Zappa’s Uncle Meat, Bang on a can, Picchio dal Pozzo, Opus Avantra and Yugen and at same time a very recognizable and distinctive work, able to shape out its own space among the Avant-Prog and Canterbury scenes.

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