Friday, May 22, 2015

Adramelch "Opus"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Rock /Metal
LabelPure Prog Records
Release dateMay 22, 2015
1. Black Mirror - 05:48
2. Long Live the Son - 05:12
3. Pride - 05:41
4. Northern Lights - 05:22
5. Only by Pain - 06:39
6. A Neverending Rise - 05:29
7. Fate - 06:19
8. Ostinato - 04:30
9. As the Shadows Fall - 05:49
10. Forgotten Words - 05:55
11. Trodden Doll - 05:30
12. Where Do I Belong - 04:28

Vittorio Bellerio - vocals
Gualtiero Insalaco - keyboards
Fabio Troiani - guitars
Gianluca A. Corona - guitars
Sigfrido Percich - drums
Massimiliano Sartor - bass
Guido Block - vocals
Simona Aileen Pala - vocals

Even with all the sharp guitar lines, the album as a whole felt darker, even sad. From this being the final chapter? Possibly. Alternatively, returning to the guitar lines, Opus is a guitar heavy, guitar centered, album. The riffs and leads essentially constrain and control the arrangements. There are keyboards, but seem merely for embellishment. The next most powerful element is Sigfrido Percich's drums which are brisk and substantial beyond the usual conventions, notable within Northern Lights and Only By Pain. Yet, I still fall back to the previous observation: the strong guitar presence throughout this album. Several final observations, by way of conclusion. One, while there is a progressive element to their music, it's not all that complex. The band leans more towards melody. Two, the album sounds good; the production has created a clean, crisp, sound to the album, lifting players.
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