Monday, May 25, 2015

Leprous "The Congregation"

Country: Norway
Genre(s)Progressive Rock/Metal
LabelInside Out
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateMay 25, 2015 (EU), June 2nd, 2015 (US)
1. The Price
2. Third Law
3. Rewind
4. The Flood
5. Triumphant
6. Within My Fence
7. Red
8. Slave
9. Moon
10. Down
11. Lower

Einar Solberg - Lead Vocal, Synth
Tor Oddmund Suhrke - Guitar, Vocal
Øystein Landsverk - Guitar, Vocal
Martin Skrebergene - Bass
Baard Kolstad - Drums

If one seeks a single word to explain the relationship between The Congregation and the earlier works from Leprous, that word should be “hybrid.” While definitely leaning heavily on the vocal stylings and dark atmosphere of Coal, the album is much more expansive and scattered. In that sense, it melds the more out-there, unexpected and free-form nature of Bilateral. The result is a work which can be read as compact, oppressive and emotional while also being musically varied and experimental. Interestingly enough, the overall sound echoes Tall Poppy Syndrome to the largest extent. The overreaching eeriness, the cloistered atmosphere and the roles played by the instruments are all highly reminiscent of that iconic record, more than any of Leprous’s former works.
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The Price

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