Monday, May 4, 2015

The Dreaming Tree “Silverfade”

Country: UK
Genre(s)Alternative, Progressive Rock
LabelBombsite Productions
Release dateMay 4, 2015
  1. Yesterday's Tomorrow
  2. Heart Shaped Bruises
  3. Yours To Find
  4. Forever Not Forever
  5. Cherry Winters
  6. Autumn Haze
  7. Higgs
  8. Jaded Summer Long
  9. Every Minute Lost
  10. Loose It Off
  11. Song in 7
  12. The Ocean
  13. Kosovo
  14. Zero To Type One
Chris Buckler - Vocals
Dan Jones - Guitars
Neil Ablard - Drums & Percussion
Steve Barratt - Keyboards

"Silverfade" bounces from style to style, never staying put in a single sound, which allows the record to not become one long, dingy slog, which is a problem that permeates a lot of alternative rock.  "Yesterdays Tomorrow" opens the record, unexpectedly, with a piano figure, and when the guitars do come in, they are not the thick and low slurry you would expect.  They are still fuzzy, but they sit in the mix with a sharper bite, and they flick out washes of chords to give heft to the composition, which is clearly not written solely for the guitar to dominate.
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