Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Flock "Heaven Bound - The Lost Album"

Country: USA
Sub GenreJazz-Rock
LabelCleopatra Records
Release dateJuly 22, 2014
  1. Heaven Bound - 4:11
  2. The Bells - 0:45
  3. Reasons - 4:14
  4. Crying Out / The Voice - 1:16
  5. Don't You Know (Who I Am) - 3:07
  6. Makes It All Worthwhile - 3:39
  7. Noise Boys - 4:21
  8. Mama - 3:37
  9. Rolling with the Clones - 3:14
  10. Love Away - 3:54
  11. C'mon Let's Walk - 4:28
  12. Be Strong and Survive - 3:09
  13. The Christos Jig - 4:01
  14. The Test - 4:54
  15. Outroduction - 2:34
Fred Glickstein - vocals, guitar
Ron Karpman - drums
Jerry Smith - bass

Nearly lost to the sands of time, a recently discovered set of vintage ‘70s recordings from Chicago-based jazz-rock ensemble The Flock will finally be released as Heaven Bound - The Lost Album on July 22 through Cleopatra Records imprint Purple Pyramid! These never-before-released recordings feature founding Flock members on what could have been the band’s magnificent fourth album.
The Flock were one of the most adventurous bands in the jazz/fusion music scene of the ‘70s alongside Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears, well known for featuring violin great Jerry Goodman (later of Mahavishnu Orchestra) on the band’s first two Columbia Records albums - 1969’s self-titled debut and 1970’s Dinosaur Swamps. After Goodman left, a reformed Flock released Inside Out on Mercury Records in 1975, and though the band was dropped from the label shortly thereafter, Glickstein and Karpman continued to write and record together, with Smith popping in every now and again, in anticipation of a new recording contract. No such deal ever materialized, however, and so those recordings were shelved away for safe keeping, never released...until now!
Featuring dynamic musicianship, rich vocal harmonies and the unmistakable warm fuzz of vintage ‘70s guitar on such standout tunes as “Heaven Bound,” “Don’t You Know (Who I Am),” and “Love Away,” this collection will not only keep the spirit of Flock alive but also the spirit of superbly crafted classic rock!

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