Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Distorted Harmony "Chain Reaction"

Country: Israel
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release dateJuly 9, 2014
1. Every Time She Smiles (6:49)
2. Children of Red (5:13)
3. Misguided (8:33)
4. Nothing (But the Rain) (2:14)
5. As One (5:52)
6. Hollow (6:09)
7. As You Go (3:13)
8. Natural Selection (5:16)
9. Methylene Blue (7:53)

Misha Soukhinin - Vocals
Guy Landau - Guitars
Yoav Efron - Keyboards
Iggy Cohen - Bass
Yogev Gabay - Drums

Distorted Harmony has changed. They come across as more mature, more skilled, and more aware of what they want to play. Their first album leaned heavily on Dream Theater at times, but ‘Chain Reaction’ has thrown off that mantle almost completely. Gone are the technical (even cheesy) piano lines that Yoav Efron played with such skill, and in comes a darker, more subtler synth, though there are some piano lines that still serve a warm purpose in slower, more dramatic portions. While there is still much finger work from guitarist Guy Landau, the guitars are heavier, more stuttering, and more riff oriented. Iggy Cohen on bass has changed into a composer of funky and appropriate bass lines that are foundational to the music. Lastly, Yogev Gabay on drums may have changed the least, and that’s just fine. His delicate but kinetic style abounds with flourishes and skill that I really enjoy. As a whole, the band plays furiously and their virtuosity shows, but their technical prowess comes together in such a way that they all sound like one unit, creating impressive walls of sound and also delicate reflective moments.
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