Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adrian Weiss "Easy Game"

Country: Germany
Sub Genre Instrumental Progressive Metal, Fusion
Release dateJuly 6, 2014
  1. Awkward Silence 04:44
  2. Instant Relief 04:03
  3. Aim To Please 04:23
  4. Immediate Measures 03:45
  5. The Last Days 04:16
  6. Hacienda 04:11
  7. Camel´s Dance 04:19
  8. Second Sunrise 03:35
  9. The Offering 04:21
  10. Easy Game 04:05
  11. Night Owl 05:51
  12. Offbeat Frankenstine 05:15
Lars Zehner - drums
Marcel Willnat - bass
Adrian Weiss - guitar
Demian Heuke (These Are The Days, solo)
Manuel Franken (Korsakow)
Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Necrophagist)
Thorsten Praest (GUT)
Jens Basten (Gloryful, Night In Gales, Deadsoil)
Vito Papotto (Exotoxis, Gloryful)
Jens Schaefer (Thought Sphere, Moment Of Detonation)
Mischa Lenz (Kinski´s Eyes, Forces At Work)
Mf-C (Kinski´s Eyes)
Tim Schulte (Stigma, Wölli Und Die Band Des Jahres)

Easy Game is Adrian Weiss´s second instrumental solo album that takes the heaviness a little further than the debut album Big Time and for the first time also incorporates Adrian´s guitar slapping technique on two of the songs (Awkward Silence, Camel´s Dance).
The music always remains melody centered with clear song structures while grazing many rock and metal styles including fusion, progressive, world and blues.


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