Sunday, July 20, 2014

La Mar "Tides"

Country: Venezuela
Sub Genre: Instrumental Post Rock
Release dateJuly 20, 2014
  1. Wanderlust 06:03
  2. Compass 05:56
  3. Rebelle 05:18
  4. Light Bearer 06:07
  5. Jukai 04:15
  6. Guarimba 04:44
  7. Oyster 04:06
  8. Flips 05:49
  9. Murmurs 01:25
  10. Diaspora 11:18
Ángel Negrín - Guitar
Fernando Mendoza - Bass
Fernando Rodríguez - Drums
Pedro Deniz - Synths / Guitar

The album begins with the sounds of waves and thunder, underlining the theme.  These influences arrive in the same order: first the waves of tone and note, then the thunder of riffs.  This is true not only on opening track “Wanderlust” and lead single “Compass”, but throughout the album as well.  Tides builds up to its payoff tracks, which are lodged in the center of the set.  The first of these, “Guarimba”, follows the album’s quietest, most meditative track.  Its sonic eruption begins with rapid drumming and extends to fierce guitar work.  The energy level never lets up, as Fernando Rodriguez retains the percussive pace throughout.  This is followed by “Oyster”, an understated piece with a keen sense of flow ~ again, like the tides.  Then on “Flips”, it’s time to honor the bass; every band member gets some time in the sun.  A slight reggae tinge is augmented by surprising trumpet, creating a perfect summer track.  Closer “Diaspora” takes the band into more typical post-rock territory, offering eleven minutes of neap and spring, capped by screaming vocals; but the mid-album triptych is the most encouraging sign that the band is starting to develop into a singular entity. 
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