Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Starset "Transmissions"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAlternative, Progressive Rock/Metal
LabelRazor & Tie Recordings
Release dateJuly 8, 2014
01. First Light
02. Down with the Fallen
03. Halo
04. Carnivore
05. Telescope
06. It Has Begun
07. My Demons
08. Antigravity
09. Dark on Me
10. Let it Die
11. The Future is Now
12. Point of No Return
13. Rise and Fall
14. Let It Die (Maniac Agenda Remix)

Dustin Bates

Starset is a rock band from Columbus, Ohio, formed by Dustin Bates, who, as well as being a singer, songwriter, and accomplished musician, also boasts some serious scientific credentials. In 2013, Dustin formed Starset, according to him, after being contacted by an organization called The Starset Society and its President, Dr. Aston Wise. Bates was asked if he was interested in forming a band to promote the organization’s message. At its core, the message is a warning that involves a scientific discovery that is currently being controlled and manipulated by an elite few.
My Demons

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