Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tony Carey's Planet P Project "Steeltown"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release date: June 15, 2013
01. Onwards (05:36)
02. On The Side Of The Angels (05:32)
03. If There's a Way (04:40)
04. Steeltown (05.58)
05. The Lady Fair (05:13)
06. Heavy Water (04:05)
07. The Moon Is Down (03:37)
08. Daddy's Girl (04:08)
09. Sailor's Song (04:07)

Tony Carey - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, organ, synthesizers
Ronni Le Tekrø:  guitars, banjo & ukulele
Jimmy Durand:  guitars, drums
Jostein 'Sarge' Svarstad : electric guitar on "The Moon Is Down" & "Heavy Water"
Valery Lunichkin:  guitar solo on "On The Side Of The Angels"
Karsten Krappert:  drums on "The Lady Fair"

"Steeltown" is a mix of Indastrial - strenght, pounding tribal Mountain Music tempered with mystical ballads, inspired by the unyielding Vikiing Spirit.
It has been decided - after 30 years - to blend the Tony Carey sound with the Planet P Sound and 'Tony Carey's Planet P Project' is both spooky and beautifull, spacey and rocky.

The Moon Is Down
If There's A Way

Web page
Proggnosis (Tony Carey)
Proggnosis (Planet P Project)


  1. That's pretty funny - WHO played on this, again???
    "Peter Hauke" is dead since a coupla years.
    Great background research, gals.

    1. Well, this line-up was found on the net, but I believe it came along with the digital download from Tony's site. I had sent a question to Tony about the line-up, but received no answer.

      The album could be several years in the making and some parts could be recorded years ago.

  2. This WAS several years in the making.
    Peter Hauke & Tony Carey hasn't worked together since -86, i believe.
    I was present when the bulk of the guitar material was recorded @ Studio Studio Nyhagen, with Ronni Le Tekrø adding 12- & 6-string acoustic guitars, as well as electric, banjo, and ukulele on 7 of the tracks.
    Jimmy Durand (of german band Zed Yago) provided a lot of not only guitar, but also drums & graphic work, as well as co-composing 2 of the tracks ("The Lady Fair" & "Sailor's Song").
    Jostein "Sarge" Svarstad, guitar with TC's touring band, contributed some great guitar work for 2 of the tracks ("The Moon Is Down" & "Heavy Water"). Russian guitarist Valery Lunichkin soloed on "On The Side Of The Angels", and Karsten Kreppert provided the drums where TC didn't.
    And then there's Bolt...
    NONE of the musician you mentioned above contributed with anything on this release - with the exception of Tony Carey himself. Neither have they contributed to any PPP release since "Pink World", 1984, with the exceptions of Tom Leonhardt and Koen Van Baal, who worked some on the "Go Out Dancing" trilogy releases in 2003-2011.

    1. Thank you. I then remove this information and will try to get the complete correct line-up.

  3. The info above IS the correct line-up.
    Tony Carey played guitar, bass, drums, organ & synthesizers, and did all the vocals.
    Also, of the 7 tracks that Ronni Le Tekrø played on, 6 made it to the final release.
    Jimmy Durand may be co-composer of 3 songs - not 2, but i don't know which the 3rd might be...

  4. hi. you sent me a question regarding 'steeltown'? i never received it.

    try tp write me at www.tonycarey.com and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    best, tony carey

  5. Steeltown - Tony Carey's Planet P Project (2013)

    Yes! Planet P Project IS back from the dead. Tony Carey (who IS Planet P Project) had retired PPP after the completion of the G.O.D. trilogy. Planet P Project is back with a slight moniker change (notice the Tony Carey? Of course you did) and some rocking new tunes. Contributors on this disc include guitarist extraordinaire Ronnie Le Tekro (TNT), Jimmy Durand - guitars and drums, Jostein 'sarge' Svarstad - guitars and Valery Lunichkin - guitar. Karsten Kreppert drums on The Lady Fair. Musically, (for you here in the U.S. who thought Tony fell off the end of the earth in 1985!) you will find elements of the familiar "space rock" that were introduced in the radio/MTV staple "Why Me?". Thrown into the music mix here is the Tony Carey solo sound of the familiar "Fine Fine Day" & "First Day Of Summer". Tony has produced many fine albums in the years since those days and "Steeltown" just may be his finest as it melds the best of Tony's/PPP signature sounds with new collaborators and stunning new tunes. Tony is a story teller. There are no "baby I'm mad for your parts tonight" lyrics here. Interesting versions of history & legend are what you'll hear. Tony is in fine form vocally. Frankly, I've always loved his vocals as much as his instrumental prowess and he sounds passionate here..singing from the soul. The cd opens with Onwards...Awesome synth work by Tony with searing guitar....a "crusades" story. "On The Side Of The Angels"...opens dark & melancholy & builds to a blistering guitar solo ending...a story about the nut cases among us. "If There's A Way"....catchy rockin' tune about commitment and doing what you can when you can, whether they like it or not. The title track "Steeltown" is a bit of a "marching" song....a drum corp and biting, chunky guitars throughout....haunting vocals by Tony here. "The Lady Fair" has a bit of a pub drinking sing-a-long vibe going on....a story about Johnny Depp in a dress......or Lady Jane De Belleville if you prefer. Then comes "Heavy Water"....Uptempo rocker that is so catchy I dare you not to put it on repeat! An excellent example of Tony's clever lyrics and Ronnie's guitar work here is nothing short of stunning. Words do not do this track justice....you have to hear it...quickly becoming one of my all-time faves...by anybody! "The Moon Is Down"...an energetic ballad about getting through what you need to...really like the guitar work here too. "Daddy's Girl"...Pride & determination.....and unfortunately in this case...a sad ending. "Sailor's Song"...dig down....gather it up...and keep after your passion. A collection of inspiring tunes here. If you've been following Tony for all these years, you know what I'm talking about here. If you lost track of Tony and want to rediscover his work, there is no better place to start than right here with "Steeltown"! You can get the cd here: http://www.tonycarey.com/e/index.php

    Steve Amaon AmaonPhotography@gmail.com

  6. TC/PPP you are just awesome, on the most simplest of statements, sorry... 1st P3 & PW w/ STC were soundtracks to my '80s.... then G. O. D. & this new Odda guitarist on Steelworks the soundtrack on my NOW... Odd, the only time I ever saw you, you were just a great synth-keyboardist in the best RAINBOW lineup ever!!! (DIO - R.I.P., Ritchie, Cozy, Jimmy &, TC)... Wish I could've seen ya solo, but life has a weird way or playing games w/ cards & flesh. LIke them Bonzai soldiers, I guess... yea, those buildings had more STUFF in them otherwise they'd have never come down... but for me, that's NOT America, that's just a Hell of a horrible time... gave you & ppl like W Gibson ggreat stuff to write about... (myself, as well, to a degree). Thnx for the autographed CD!!! Cheers & Slainth! ~jon Lyndon, Aussie by way of New England...