Friday, June 7, 2013

Black Cube "Last Exile"

Country: France
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelBrennus Music
Release dateJune, 2013
01. Last Exile 1’22
02. Heading for Nowhere 6’00
03. Theatre of Shadows 5’05
04. Inspiration 5’51
05. After the End 9’05
06. Forgotten Skies 6’19
07. ASeed of Sandstorms 6’02
08. Dots on Dust 5’36
09. Colours of Time 8’45

Mathieu Strulovici : bass
Julien Jura : drums
Nicolas Jura : guitar
Victor Allais : guitar
Paul Allais : keyboards/backing vocals
Tani Avvenia : lead vocals

Amongst their main influences are Symphony X, Queen, Dream Theater and Deep Purple, but they take pride in building their own musical identity, which ranges from psychedelic and relaxing moments to sections of catchy heavy-prog. Exploring many changes in time signature and arrangement, the band strives to present different moods within single tracks while preserving its substance beyond the soulessness of mere technical exhibition.

Dots On Dust

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