Tuesday, June 4, 2013

São Paulo Underground "Beija Flors Velho E Sujo"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreAvant Prog, Jazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelCuneiform Records
Release dateJune 4, 2013
1.Ol' Dirty Hummingbird
2.Into The Rising Sun 02:34
3.Arnus Nusar
4.Over The Rainbow
5.Evetch 02:31
6.Six-Handed Casio
7.The Love I Feel For You Is More Real Than Ever 03:15
8.Basilio's Crazy Wedding song
9.A Árvore De Cereja É Ausente
10.Taking Back The Sea Is No Easy Task

Rob Mazurek on cornet, harmonium and various effects
Guilherme Grenado on keyboards, synths, sampler and vocals
Mauricio Takara on percussion, cavaquinho and electronics

Beija Flors Velho E Sujo is the fourth release by São Paulo Underground. The group is an electronica-laced Tropicalia funhouse, a secret passage between Chicago’s volatile avant garde jazz scene and Brazil’s teeming creative capital.
In its latest incarnation, SPU is a power trio and a post-modern orchestra rolled into one, marked by glistening sonic textures, seductive eletronica beats, unabashedly beautiful melodies, an expansive improvisational palette and fiercely gleeful interplay.
Rather than stretching out for extended improvisational flights, the trio delivers a series of brief blasts, each brimming with musical incident.

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