Monday, June 10, 2013

These New Puritans "Field of Reeds"

Country: UK
Sub GenreArt Rock, Post Rock, Neo-Classical
LabelInfectious Music
Release dateJune 10, 2013
1. This Guy's In Love With You 3:02
2. Fragment Two 4:30
3. The Light In Your Name 6:03
4. V (Island Song) 9:14
5. Spiral 6:02
6. Organ Eternal 5:32
7. Nothing Else 7:46
8. Dream 4:10
9. Field of Reeds 6:26

Jack Barnett - vocals, piano, electric piano, organs, bass guitar, vibraphone, chromatic gongs, unpitched percussion, magnetic resonator piano, sound design, field recordings
George Barnett - drums, percussion, glass
Thomas Hein - bass guitar, roto-toms
Elisa Rodrigues - vocals
Adrian Peacock - basso profondo
Elizabeth Turner - field recording vocal
Nicholas Ellis - clarinet and bass clarinet soloist
Henry Lowther - flugelhorn and trumpet soloist
Lindsay Kempley - french horn soloist
Daniel West - tenor trombone and bass trombone soloist
Pete Smith - tuba soloist
Elspeth Hanson - viola soloist
Chris Laurence - double bass soloist
Toby Kearney - vibraphone soloist
Faith Leadbetter - piano and electric piano soloist
Ben McLusky - additional pipe organ
Andrew McPherson - magnetic resonator piano setup and calibration
Shiloh - hawk
Alan Vaughan - hawk handler
Roy at TGM Glazing - glazier
Stool Trinovante - saxocone
     Stargaze Ensemble:
Andre de Ridder - conductor
Nikolaus Neuser - flugelhorn, trumpet
Matthias Gödeker - french horn I
Stefan Most - french horn II
Florian Juncker - tenor trombone
Till Krause - bass trombone
Sebastian Kunzke - tuba
Paul Valikoski - violin I
Daniella Strasfogel - violin II
Justin Caullet - viola
Zoe Cartier - violoncello
Kristjan Orii Sigerleifsson - double bass
       Synergy Vocal Ensemble:
Micaela Haslam - director, soprano
Julia Wilson-James - soprano
Heather Cairncross - alto
Rachel Weston - alto
Phillip Brown - tenor
Andrew Busher - tenor
Children of St Mary's Church of England Primary School: Charlie Dyer, Daisy Farthing, Maddie Farthing, Amber Motti, James Norris, Jacob Scotford, Bethany Scriven

With Field Of Reeds, These New Puritans present 'post-rock' in its purest and most vital form. Their third album is one of staggering ambition even in the context of its predecessor, 2010's sleeper hit Hidden. It sits closer to the baroque majesty of Her Name Is Calla, or even the more fragile moments of Kayo Dot's back catalogue, than the discordant, preening art-rock of their earliest material. But more accurately it stands alone. Yes, there will be many comparisons drawn to the aforementioned Talk Talk, but bar the occasional moment (such as the way the brass of opener 'The Way I Do' eerily echoes their shadowy forefathers' epic 'Taphead') the main thing that ties the two bands together is silence, and their expert use of it.
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