Saturday, June 15, 2013

Roger vs The Man "Black Pearl"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Fusion
Release date: June 15, 2013
1. Black Pearl, Pt. 1  6:05
2. Black Pearl, Pt. 2  4:29
3. We Three Kings  5:35
4. Homecoming 6:12
5. Meet Your Maker 7:05
6. S.O.S. 5:49
7. The Multichrist 10:29
8. Monster Man 5:31
9. Superstar 6:08
10. The Feast  2:06
11. Shoemaker's Grandson 3:42

Andrew Lock, Murilo Tanouye, Joe Littlefield, Josh Hill, Joe Manton, Roger Lock

This group exists in a world where the sounds of Mongolian Throat Singers, Japanese Taiko drums and psychedelic guitars are married in a multi-punched power-house where the music is the gun and the lyrics are the ammo.
Roger Vs. The Man is known for intricate and powerful synthesis of rock, jazz, classical and singer-songwriter elements, representing the wide range of musical backgrounds of its members. The group is unique in it’s collaboration with a diverse range of artists stretching from legends of the jazz scene, to Indonesian percussionists and rappers. Their debut album 'Black Pearl' features arrangements for an ensemble of mini-orchestral proportions.


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